Served with Cucumber. Tomato. Pickled Carrot, Scallion, Jasmine Rice. & House Sauce on the side

Pork or Chicken Fried rice | Cơm Chiên Xá Xíu hoặc Gà

31. Serve with chicken or pork and vegies


Shrimp fried rice | Cơm Chiên Tôm

32. Serve with shrimp and vegies


Special combination fried rice | Cơm Chiên Dương Châu

33. Combination fried rice serve with house special sauce


Grilled Chicken I Com Gà Nướng

34. Marinated chicken with iemongrass


Grilled Chicken and Shrimp I Com Gà & Tôm Nướng

35. Grilled shrimp and marinated chicken with lemongrass


Grilled Pork Chop I Com Sườn Nướng

36. Marinated pork chop with garlic. lemongrass, and honey


Grip pock chop & shredded pork skin | Sườn Nướng, Bì, & Chả

37. Marinated port chop with garlic,lemongrass, and honey


Grilled Pork Chop and Shrimp I Com Sườn & Tôm Nướng

38. Grilled shrimp and marinated pork chop with garlic, lemongrass, honey


Grilled Beef I Com Bò Nướng

39. Marinated beef with special sauce


Grilled Beef and Shrimp I Com Bò & Tôm Nướng

40. Marinated beef and shrimp with special Sauce


Korean Grilled Beef I Com Sườn Bò Nướng Đại Hàn

41. Marinated beef with spicy Korea sauce


Grilled Shrimp I Com Tôm Nướng

42. Marinated shrimp with special sauce


Roast Duck | Com Vịt Quay

43. Roast Duck server with vegies


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